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Social innovators of the world unite!.. in Japan

This is why the next social innovation conference needs to take place in Japan. It’s a pay phone shop — in Japan.  A pay phone shop was the last thing I would have expected to find in the East Asian island nation.  Isn’t it supposed to be the world’s technology capital?  Yet after attending a […]
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Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Things that made me go “hmmm…”

Poverty: A man or a woman? This year’s CGI kicked-off with “girl power.”  Specifically, the need to educate them, protect them, respect them, prepare them and empower them.   Among the ideas tossed around at this week’s do-gooder conclave that made me go “hmmm”: Technology: Cherie Blair who heads up her own foundation for women wants […]
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The Decent Technology

In today’s New York Times, David Brooks laments the decline in decency in this age of technology. He writes that the wired world encourages “an attitude of contingency,” and “an atmosphere of general disenchantment,” when it comes to dating.  In the mating race, he says, have become comparison shoppers. My question is: what’s wrong with […]
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