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Social innovators of the world unite!.. in Japan

This is why the next social innovation conference needs to take place in Japan. It’s a pay phone shop — in Japan.  A pay phone shop was the last thing I would have expected to find in the East Asian island nation.  Isn’t it supposed to be the world’s technology capital?  Yet after attending a […]
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Inside the poverty puzzle: a plug for slum tours

A year ago today, I landed in Mumbai, India’s bustling business capital.  I traveled there to spend time with 1298, a for-profit ambulance company that set up operations in response to the city’s lack of emergency care.  That’s right, India’s largest commercial center doesn’t have ambulances.  Mumbai simply lacks the capacity and resources for such […]
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There’s no such thing as a “Muslim” entrepreneur

From ash clouds to Foggy Bottom. This week I’m hanging out in our nation’s capital, attending the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship.  You can read my thoughts and impressions on www.portfolio.com. Here’s my first one, talking about how surprised I am that the conference isn’t “business as usual.”
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Look at me, I saved the world

Did I miss Bono at the Skoll World Forum?  In his piece “Africa Reboots” in today’s New York Times, he talks about many of the themes that were brought up during this past week’s social entrepreneurship gathering: citizens and entrepreneurs and catalysts and partnerships between the two to make change happen. In reading the article, […]
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Skoll World Forum: Keeping social entrepreneurs real and relevant

I didn’t want to attend the Skoll World Forum this year.  That is the annual spring gathering of social entrepreneurs in Oxford, England.  And after four years participating, I was skeptical that “Skoll,” as insiders call the conference, would be different from previous years. Seven years ago, when Skoll was launched it had one purpose.  […]
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On poverty alleviation: stop the entrepreneurial madness

David Henderson, a social enterpreneur, posted this great blog “No Not All Poor People are Entrepreneurs” on socialentrepreneurship.change.org today.  In it he points to something I’ve always believed was a problem in poverty alleviation efforts: the Western propensity to “romanticize the poor as entrepreneurs.” “The unifying trait of the poor is not entrepreneurial spirit. It […]
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