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Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Things that made me go “hmmm…”

Poverty: A man or a woman? This year’s CGI kicked-off with “girl power.”  Specifically, the need to educate them, protect them, respect them, prepare them and empower them.   Among the ideas tossed around at this week’s do-gooder conclave that made me go “hmmm”: Technology: Cherie Blair who heads up her own foundation for women wants […]
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It’s the markets, stupid

The take-away from day two of CGI is that development has moved on from the question of whether it’s okay to profit from the poor.  Today’s CGI nugget: embrace the market. That’s where the opportunity, as Bono has declared, to “Make Poverty History” lies. Or, to put it in Clintonian terms: It’s the markets, stupid. Read […]
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Inside the poverty puzzle: a plug for slum tours

A year ago today, I landed in Mumbai, India’s bustling business capital.  I traveled there to spend time with 1298, a for-profit ambulance company that set up operations in response to the city’s lack of emergency care.  That’s right, India’s largest commercial center doesn’t have ambulances.  Mumbai simply lacks the capacity and resources for such […]
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Should food be a right?

Today’s NYT runs an off-lead story “Looking at Aid, India Asks, Should Food Be a Right?” It’s a rich piece that lays out the challenges of a government continuing a food distribution system to feed its poor, or perhaps developing a different system that doles out food coupons or cash, versus a government conceding to […]
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The Billionaire’s Giving Pledge: A letter to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Dear Bill and Warren: Congratulations.  Getting 40 of the world’s wealthiest to sign away a significant amount of their fortunes is a tremendous feat.  As a non-profit worker who has struggled to drive in donor dollars from this target group, I’m impressed, though not surprised.  None of us are. Not surprised because very few of us have your […]
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iPads for poverty?

These are kids I met in Cambodia.  But I shouldn’t have.  The older ones should be at school.  Instead they were with their parents, who are rice farmers selling rice to the mill.  Their farm is three to five miles away from the nearest school.  So they only go when they can. There are a […]
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Hard as you try, you still can’t go no where

60 minutes ran this great story about the SEED school, “a boarding school for the poor,” located in Washington D.C.  Here is what grabbed my attention: “Kids learn social skills like self-discipline and etiquette.” Watch CBS News Videos Online I believe poor kids overflow with self-discipline.  Their circumstances force them to.  I also believe that […]
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Can the brain drain help poverty?

The Global Post ran a great story on the African Middle Class yesterday.  “Africa’s middle class,” says Vijay Mahajan, author of Africa Rising, “is the great economic engine that will drive development across the continent. That growth, author of the article Andrew Meldrum argues, is a result of better educational opportunities and entrepreneurship.  Interestingly he […]
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