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The Billionaire’s Giving Pledge: A letter to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Dear Bill and Warren: Congratulations.  Getting 40 of the world’s wealthiest to sign away a significant amount of their fortunes is a tremendous feat.  As a non-profit worker who has struggled to drive in donor dollars from this target group, I’m impressed, though not surprised.  None of us are. Not surprised because very few of us have your […]
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Profit: A dirty word?

Is it okay to profit off the poor?  I, along with a number of other development junkies, debated this point over Twitter on Friday.  It came at the behest of the inimitable Matthew Bishop, co-author of Philanthrocapitalism. He did so following a blog post he and co-author Michael Green wrote following Muhammad Yunus’s reaction over […]
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Bill Gates: No Health, No Education, No Entrepreneurship

I attended the 92nd Street Y‘s talk with the Economist’s Matthew Bishop talking to billanthropist Bill Gates. It was an interesting exchange inspired by the concepts in Matthew & Michael Green’s book Philanthrocapitalism. In the first half, Bill Gates talked a lot about the urgent need to eradicate malaria, polio and AIDS. He spent the […]
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