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Nick Kristof & a few do-gooders

Nicholas Kristof is among today’s great writers.  I was instantly mesmerized when he transitioned from daily reporting in China to the New York Times op-ed page. Just consider this excellent piece “Cassandra Speaks” written in March 2003 on the eve of the Bush invasion of Iraq.  It thoughtfully questions the wisdom of the invasion, using […]
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The SNL foreign aid revolution

Like so many highly trained comedians these days, Kenan Thompson has choices. He could be working in a Manhattan office tower… oh wait, he does. This clip from last night’s Saturday Night Live captures what’s wrong with the rampant idealism put forward in D.I.Y. foreign aid. I’m all for idealism, within reason. Can we make […]
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The Billionaire’s Giving Pledge: A letter to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Dear Bill and Warren: Congratulations.  Getting 40 of the world’s wealthiest to sign away a significant amount of their fortunes is a tremendous feat.  As a non-profit worker who has struggled to drive in donor dollars from this target group, I’m impressed, though not surprised.  None of us are. Not surprised because very few of us have your […]
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Look at me, I saved the world

Did I miss Bono at the Skoll World Forum?  In his piece “Africa Reboots” in today’s New York Times, he talks about many of the themes that were brought up during this past week’s social entrepreneurship gathering: citizens and entrepreneurs and catalysts and partnerships between the two to make change happen. In reading the article, […]
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