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Move over MBAs…

Last week it was this “tweet” by Kenneth Cole. This week Groupon‘s Super Bowl ad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXGYK1eP_wo Both went into immediate damage control. But it was Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s “mea culpa” that grabbed my attention: “I’ve been spending the day listening to the negative feedback about our Tibet Super Bowl commercial, and want to take […]
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Pakistan postcard part four: Smell

Part four of my five-part postcard of impressions of my Pakistan visit… smell…. Smell It brought tears to my eyes.  As soon as the astringent yet sugary scent that wafted through the Marriott Karachi hit my nose, my stomach tightened: someone was cooking onions. I hate onions.  There’s no real explanation for it.  I just […]
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