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Pakistan postcard part three: Taste

Part three of my five-part postcard of impressions of my Pakistan visit… taste…. Taste “I’d like a glass of wine,” I said to the waiter as he handed me a menu in the garishly lit hotel restaurant in Karachi.  It was my first night in the country.  Jetlagged, I was looking forward to red wine […]
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What’s in a(n American) name?

Be afraid.  After reading today’s New York Times off-lead piece “Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles in U.S.” how can anyone not? “The Lake Shore Limited runs between Chicago and New York City without crossing the Canadian border…armed Border Patrol agents routinely board the train, question passengers about their citizenship…’Are you a U.S. citizen?’ agents asked […]
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Wonderment Economics

Why do I care that the Greek economy is in crisis?  Call me crazy, but I believe it can potentially heighten European xenophobia against Muslims, particularly Turks in Germany.  And we don’t need any more anti-Muslim/anti-foreigner sentiments in Europe. Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy.  As a member of the European Union, and more […]
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Good Muslims, Minus Women

Osama bin-Laden, al-Qaeda, 9/11, Iraq, the Taliban, Afghanistan, and Ft. Hood or what some would describe as terrorism and murder have become the symbols of Islam in the West. They have shaped, sadly, what Americans know about Muslims. And that has led to our increasingly irrational and overemotional, “you are the enemy” policies toward the […]
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