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When is aid enough?

Today’s New York Times has me thinking, when is aid enough?  It was prompted by two pieces, one an op-ed by Adam Hochschild on Patrice Lumumba‘s assassination 50 years ago.  The other, a report (buried under the fold on page four) about Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s, Haiti’s former authoritarian president, surprising return to Haiti.  That today is […]
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How to make Haiti a partner

“We will be here today, tomorrow, and for the time ahead,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during her four-hour visit last week to Haiti. We should be in Haiti in the time ahead, but not as patrons.  America needs to be Haiti’s partner.  But how do we get there? Tyler Cowen has a great […]
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Guido Galli September 5, 1967-January 2010

This morning I learned that Guido Galli was killed in Haiti last week. Guido was not a close friend. We met once, over brunch not far from Central Park, though I had been hearing about him through a mutual friend for a while.  At the time he was working at the UN headquarters in New […]
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The Haiti Earthquake: Aid & voodoo, but no answers

The Haiti earthquake “is not a natural disaster story.  This is a poverty story,” writes David Brooks in “The Underlying Tragedy,” in yesterday’s New York Times.   Here’s why I agree with him, and still think he’s so wrong. 1. Aid: “We don’t know how,” Brooks says “to use aid to reduce poverty.”  I agree.  Despite […]
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