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Whole Foods Education?

David Boudreaux wants to fix education badly. Stymied by unions and low standards, the economics professor makes a case in this Wall Street Journal piece for learning to be unshackled from government in order to be courted by capitalists. Sadly, in comparing public schools to supermarkets, he fails. To advocate that our children’s learning be improved by modeling it after the market forces that bring us produce is, while provocative, preposterous.
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Education or jobs? Which comes first?

“The Depression,” writes David Leonhardt in today’s New York Times Magazine, “didn’t just make Americans tougher.  It made them smarter.” That’s because when the economy tanked, Leonhardt explains, more people went to school.  “When times are tough, you are less likely to be missing out on a good $20-an-hour job by being in class.”  Secondly, […]
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