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Bring in the anthropologists

The FT’s Gillian Tett makes a strong case for why Western for-profits should consider having an anthropologist on staff. “Cross-cultural exchanges,” she says are gaining relevance.  Proctor & Gamble discovered this when selling diapers in Brazil.  Instead of biodegradable, the American multinational observed that waterproof was more important for Brazilians.  Now, companies are reconsidering how […]
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Ahem, what was that about human rights Mr. Hu?

Seems I’m not the only one who choked when Chinese President Hu Jintao said that he “recognizes and also respects the universality of human rights,” and that “a lot still needs to be done in China,” in terms of it.  It’s one of the lead stories in today’s New York Times and the subject of […]
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Nick Kristof & a few do-gooders

Nicholas Kristof is among today’s great writers.  I was instantly mesmerized when he transitioned from daily reporting in China to the New York Times op-ed page. Just consider this excellent piece “Cassandra Speaks” written in March 2003 on the eve of the Bush invasion of Iraq.  It thoughtfully questions the wisdom of the invasion, using […]
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The Mark Zuckerberg moral: Entrepreneurship or Terrorism?

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is TIME magazine’s person of the year.  That has unleashed voluble outrage, particularly on Twitter.  “The world is off its rocker,” one Twitterer commented.  “Ridiculous,” noted another.  Among the 140 character crowd Wikileaks’s Julian Assange seemed to be the favorite.  (Definitely not mine.) TIME notes that “person of the year” isn’t […]
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Clinton Global Initiative 2010: Things that made me go “hmmm…”

Poverty: A man or a woman? This year’s CGI kicked-off with “girl power.”  Specifically, the need to educate them, protect them, respect them, prepare them and empower them.   Among the ideas tossed around at this week’s do-gooder conclave that made me go “hmmm”: Technology: Cherie Blair who heads up her own foundation for women wants […]
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It’s the markets, stupid

The take-away from day two of CGI is that development has moved on from the question of whether it’s okay to profit from the poor.  Today’s CGI nugget: embrace the market. That’s where the opportunity, as Bono has declared, to “Make Poverty History” lies. Or, to put it in Clintonian terms: It’s the markets, stupid. Read […]
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Education or jobs? Which comes first?

“The Depression,” writes David Leonhardt in today’s New York Times Magazine, “didn’t just make Americans tougher.  It made them smarter.” That’s because when the economy tanked, Leonhardt explains, more people went to school.  “When times are tough, you are less likely to be missing out on a good $20-an-hour job by being in class.”  Secondly, […]
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Look at me, I saved the world

Did I miss Bono at the Skoll World Forum?  In his piece “Africa Reboots” in today’s New York Times, he talks about many of the themes that were brought up during this past week’s social entrepreneurship gathering: citizens and entrepreneurs and catalysts and partnerships between the two to make change happen. In reading the article, […]
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