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Have no fear, social entrepreneurs are here

I normally shake my head when I read David Brooks.  Sometimes I even take a dig at him.  But I have to admit that I found myself agreeing with his column yesterday, “The Lean Years,” in which he gives it up for social entrepreneurs, especially during these tough economic times.  “It’s pretty easy,” he writes, […]
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The Haiti Earthquake: Aid & voodoo, but no answers

The Haiti earthquake “is not a natural disaster story.  This is a poverty story,” writes David Brooks in “The Underlying Tragedy,” in yesterday’s New York Times.   Here’s why I agree with him, and still think he’s so wrong. 1. Aid: “We don’t know how,” Brooks says “to use aid to reduce poverty.”  I agree.  Despite […]
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The Decent Technology

In today’s New York Times, David Brooks laments the decline in decency in this age of technology. He writes that the wired world encourages “an attitude of contingency,” and “an atmosphere of general disenchantment,” when it comes to dating.  In the mating race, he says, have become comparison shoppers. My question is: what’s wrong with […]
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