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Pakistan postcard part one: Sight

A week ago, I visited what is supposedly one of the most dangerous places in the world: Pakistan.  While I do believe the country has serious security concerns, the only threat I came up against was traffic.  And that, compared to New York or Istanbul, wasn’t all that bad.  Here is the first of my […]
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Dialogue 2010: I’ll take my anger with me

A few weeks ago I stayed up until 1 AM (this is a big deal) to talk on the phone with a group of women scattered around the world. We were all part of Dialogue 2010. Dialogue 2010 is the brainchild of Rose Deniz, an artist, writer and designer from Wisconsin, now living in Turkey.  In […]
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The Haiti Earthquake: Aid & voodoo, but no answers

The Haiti earthquake “is not a natural disaster story.  This is a poverty story,” writes David Brooks in “The Underlying Tragedy,” in yesterday’s New York Times.   Here’s why I agree with him, and still think he’s so wrong. 1. Aid: “We don’t know how,” Brooks says “to use aid to reduce poverty.”  I agree.  Despite […]
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