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Ahem, what was that about human rights Mr. Hu?

Seems I’m not the only one who choked when Chinese President Hu Jintao said that he “recognizes and also respects the universality of human rights,” and that “a lot still needs to be done in China,” in terms of it.  It’s one of the lead stories in today’s New York Times and the subject of […]
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Where entrepreneurship is the dream and the NBA is just the stepping-stone

I have no interest in basketball. But when I heard that fellow Brooklynite and former New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury landed in China this week to play for the Shanxi Dragons, I fiendishly tore through the sports pages to find out why. Leaving the NBA for a foreign league is, I’m told, a […]
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The Haiti Earthquake: Aid & voodoo, but no answers

The Haiti earthquake “is not a natural disaster story.  This is a poverty story,” writes David Brooks in “The Underlying Tragedy,” in yesterday’s New York Times.   Here’s why I agree with him, and still think he’s so wrong. 1. Aid: “We don’t know how,” Brooks says “to use aid to reduce poverty.”  I agree.  Despite […]
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