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Nick Kristof & a few do-gooders

Nicholas Kristof is among today’s great writers.  I was instantly mesmerized when he transitioned from daily reporting in China to the New York Times op-ed page. Just consider this excellent piece “Cassandra Speaks” written in March 2003 on the eve of the Bush invasion of Iraq.  It thoughtfully questions the wisdom of the invasion, using […]
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iPads for poverty?

These are kids I met in Cambodia.  But I shouldn’t have.  The older ones should be at school.  Instead they were with their parents, who are rice farmers selling rice to the mill.  Their farm is three to five miles away from the nearest school.  So they only go when they can. There are a […]
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The Sugar Palm Fairy

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA, — Kethana Dunnet was just being a supportive wife. When her husband Bruce agreed to volunteer for the New Zealand government in Kethana’s native Cambodia, she left her job with New Zealand Air and joined him. After a few weeks she became restless. That’s when she decided to become an entrepreneur. Cambodia […]
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