The SNL foreign aid revolution

Like so many highly trained comedians these days, Kenan Thompson has choices. He could be working in a Manhattan office tower… oh wait, he does. This clip from last night’s Saturday Night Live captures what’s wrong with the rampant idealism put forward in D.I.Y. foreign aid.

I’m all for idealism, within reason. Can we make the world a better place? Absolutely. But only when we start recognizing realities. One reality is that aid and development are more than one person’s good intentions or just positive thinking. Others are outlined in these two superb responses to the D.I.Y. piece. “Don’t Try This Abroad” and “Why Kristof’s Endorsement of ‘D.I.Y. Aid’ is Poorly Informed

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    Doesn’t this apply to enacting a dream in general, not just being limited to aid and development? If I wanted to start a car company, I may have the dream and could certainly file the paperwork to incorporate but there are many obstacles that I’ll have to overcome if I want to succeed. If I want to start an aid NGO, it’s the same process with different obstacles? I couldn’t just file my paperwork and say “now, let’s see the awards come rolling in.” It’s a lot of work, research, connections, and luck, no?

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